Wear Guide

Deck Plates

The Deck plate will start to show signs of wear in the boxed in areas shown above. When the cold roll edges begin to thin, it is time to change out your deck plates.

Stalk Chopper Knives

Chopper knives should be flipped about every 1000 acres (conditions pending). Each blade is reversible and should be flipped when the blade becomes dull as seen in the photo above. Failure to do so will result in increase power consumption and poor chopping quality.

2000 Acres

New Blade

Stalk Roller Knives

Stalk roller knives will begin to wear first on the front 1-2-inch space seen below. When these areas start to wear, it is time to flip the knives. All Stalk roller knives are reversible and should be flipped left to right. When complete the bevel of the knife should be facing the ground with a spacing of 1/8 inch or less. The stalk roller knives should be tip to tip without making contact. Make sure to use medium Loctite on all stalk roller bolts.

Gathering Chains

Gathering chains should be changed out when the tension spring is completely compressed and no longer has any adjustment left. To check chains, you can hold the chain directly in front of you and look for the ARC as seen in the photo above. Generally, Capello chains should last for 5,000 - 10,000 acres depending on crop and ground conditions.

Important Reminder

Predelivery Inspection

Each new machine will arrive with a PDI (predelivery inspection) form. This must be completed and returned to Capello USA before the warranty period can begin.

Warranty Registration

Warranty registration needs to be turned in and dated in accordance with the delivery date of the machine. As soon as the end user takes possession of the machine, the warranty period will begin. Failure to turn in the warranty registration will leave the machine “unprotected” until registration is complete. If the machine is used and a failure occurs prior to the warranty registration submission, those failures will not be covered under warranty.

Dealer demo heads warranty period will begin once the machine is retailed to an end user. If a failure occurs on the demo unit before it is sold, Capello USA will work with the dealer to assess the situation and process the warranty.