Diamant Corn Headers

Taking inspiration from the shape of the levers which guide the struts as they fold — somewhat like the shape of a horseshoe, our designers christened the frame "HS Series". A system of levers which minimizes the oil needed for inversion by the harvester, even with more than 8 rows. How can light weight equal strength? The DIAMANT frame is proof this is possible. It is designed to make the structure light yet solid, perfectly sized to accommodate large flip-up headers. It can, of course, be used in conjunction with combine harvesters of any kind, and the working angle can be adjusted to meet individual requirements.

Quasar Corn Headers

The Capello QUASAR corn head is the product of years of leading-edge engineering refinement and precision craftsmanship. The trouble-free Quasar corn headers, known for low maintenance and high-efficiency performance, have expertly harvested millions of acres over the years in more than 80 countries around the globe. Available in nearly any row or spacing configuration possible, both rigid and folding, the Quasar just makes sense.

Gladius Corn Heads

The GLADIUS by Capello is a machine designed to conquer any corn field regardless of row spacing, planting direction or split/twin row applications. Employing the time-tested Capello row unit engineering but configured in a way that allows for maximum aggressiveness related to the sorting of plants while maintain the elegant cob collection that Capello is known for…the GLADIUS is the perfect solution for non-traditional corn planting situations. The GLADIUS will shine in applications like: high population corn, varied row spacing corn, twin-row corn, any row spacing from 5-inch to 40-inch and beyond! For operations that are considering changing row spacing in the future or looking at testing some of the new spacing arrangements and planter spitting technologies, fear of high-cost equipment has been a hurdle. That concern is now over.

Spartan Forage Headers

Designed to fit nearly any self-propelled forage harvester in the world, the Capello SPARTAN is the perfect solution for direct-cut feed crops (greenchop). The Spartan is designed with a large, floating feed auger and 2-speed main drive gearbox to ensure regular and continuous crop flow at high ground speeds. With low maintenance requirements and replaceable wear surfaces, the Spartan is designed with the custom operator in mind.

Helianthus Multi-Crop Headers

A platform header designed to be used independent of row spacings, including solid-seed. With the distinctive feature of a hydraulic reel drive, the operator can adjust both reel height and speed from the cab, allowing for optimum product flow even in highly varied crop heights, yields and ground speeds. The Helianthus uses a long, narrow crop pan in front of the cutter bar to reduce shelling losses to near zero in any conditions.