Preseason Checklist


These items should be inspected prior to each harvest season.

All oils — top off or change as needed.

All knives — adjust, flip or change as needed.

General condition of machine — Replace any parts in question with OEM Capello parts only.


Properly adjust these items to maximize performance during harvest.

Stripper plates — Stripper plates should have a 1/8" clearance between the blade and plate.

Gathering Chain — Gathering chains should be adjusted to have 3/4" play when pulled towards the center of the row unit.

Drive Chains — Drive chains should be checked for proper tension. Proper tension calls for 3/4" sideplay on all drive chains.


Proper lubrication will decrease downtime and efficiency.

Stalk Roller — 50 hours

Folding Hinges — 1000 hours

Fender Augers — 100 hours

PTO Shafts — 20 hours

Slip Clutches — 100 hours