Initial Settings

Header Angle

All Capello corn heads should be run at approximately 17 - 21 degrees. Finding the correct angle for your operation will increase efficiency in chopping and processing your crop.

Header Speed

Speed will vary depending on crop conditions. Suggested speed is going to be between 540 - 570 RPMS.

Snout Adjustments

Snout adjustments should be made at the beginning of each harvest season and periodically throughout the season. All snouts should be level with the adjacent snouts. Adjustment can and should be made when harvesting down corn to avoid damage.

Deck Plate Settings

The hydraulic deck plates will need to be adjusted according to the crop conditions. Quasar models have one manual and one hydraulic deck plate. Diamants have dual hydraulic deck plates. For best results, use an average stalk as a reference and adjust as needed from there. If adjusting the Quasar stationary, the spacing should be the same from front to back.

Gathering Chains

The gathering chains should be staggered. DO NOT operate the machine with the chain fingers tip to tip. Doing so will result in feeding issues. Gathering chains should be properly tensioned (3/4 inch side play).

Head Sight Calibration

You should calibrate your head sight each time you change the angle of the head for best results. Calibrate the head sight by following the directions found in your head sight manual. It is important that you calibrate head sight on flat, even, ground.