Capello Reviews


Jason W. of Downs, IL

Bringing the chopping corn head in and I really thought it would pull pretty hard on some of our combines and I really didn’t know how efficient harvesting would be, but we’re really happy with the performance. Actually I think we gained horsepower by using the head. It kept all the stalks and residue out of the actual threshing capacity so all we really had was cobs and husks going through the combine. So it was very efficient, and worked very well.

We can break the savings down with the Capello corn head when we look at grain loss from the head. In typical cases, we’re losing about, somewhere around a bushel of corn (per acre) with the Capello heads. I love the fact that we get very little grain loss from the head. One of the things we noticed in some of our side-by-sides where we ran the Capello chopping corn head versus some of the other brands is that with other brand corn heads, we’ve seen that up to 3 or 4 bushel per acre. So those savings of yield—let’s just say we go from 3 to 1. There you’re looking at 2 bushel savings. Let’s just say we’ve got a $4 corn price, well there’s $8 an acre just right there. It’s just one of my pet peeves—you know, we’re growing as much corn as we can and we don’t want to be leaving this out in the field at harvest time. So the Capello has done a nice job of making sure we’re capturing almost every kernel out there that we can.

I would recommend a Capello head to other farmers.


Gary B. of Marshalltown, IA

Number 1 is the job they do picking corn. Number 2 is the dependability and reliability out of the head, which also goes in to Number 3, which is the longevity of the head. The Capello shines on all 3 of those aspects.

We had super dry conditions right at the end of fall, probably some of the driest corn we’ve harvested. Head shell was almost nil—very minimal. We were down to a kernel or less per square foot with this head, and normally we thought we were doing good keeping them down to about 3 kernels per square feet with our previous head. Horsepower was no problem – the combine handled that 12 row chopping head with ease. I don’t think it really took any more horsepower to run my Capello head than the (other brand 12 row) that didn’t have choppers on it.

Where you’re chopping in the same trip you’re saving another man, another tractor, with fuel and everything. You know a chopping trip is probably 7 or 8 bucks an acre out-of-pocket cost, which we’re gaining in the same trip that we’re harvesting with.

Definitely puts more money in our pocket at the end of the day. I’ve recommended it to all my neighbors. I have recommended this head to a lot of people – totally impressed with it. Hands down probably the best corn head built. Bar none. I couldn’t be more impressed with this corn head.


Gary R. of Holdingford, MN

The Capello does a super job of helping to break down the cornstalk material, there’s an awful lot of residue that we always had problems before with our tillage practices. It does an excellent job of processing the stover from the corn straw, and therefore actually eliminates a lot of extra tillage come spring. We feel we’re getting some fertility back the very next year, especially where we have corn on corn.

We have people ride in the combine with us and compared to other heads, the amount of corn that otherwise would be lost from shelling - the biggest thing is the amount of corn it saves. Especially during the late season where the corn gets down below 20 percent moisture coming off the field, there’s more shelling possibilities. And there’s an awful lot of corn saved, so in essence, the head really does pay for itself.

It’s very low maintenance and we’re just super happy with the results that we’re getting. Whether you’re chisel plowing, minimum till, rip till, strip till, whatever tillage practices there are out there, I think the head is conducive to any tillage practice that you decide to use, and it does a super job. It saves us all the time that we used to have to go across the field to shred the stalks with stalk choppers, now I don’t take an extra tractor for that, the equipment I don’t take for that, the hours it takes to do that, so in the long run it really saves us a lot in time and in, just, economic value.


Loren B. of Tilden, NE

We did notice that we had considerably less shell corn loss with the Capello head, and that was one of our goals when we traded for it. We were pleased with the difference there. But the thing we really noticed that we really hadn’t anticipated was our ground speed with the combine probably averaged about a mile an hour faster, with less ear loss and that type of thing. The crop just seemed to flow through that head so easy.

I would definitely recommend the Capello head to a neighbor, friend, or another farmer. Just the efficiency, the ground speed, and the crop loss that we don’t have now. I’d definitely recommend it!


Shad K. of Leesburg, IN

Just wanted to tell you how good this head is. It does an amazing job! We finally got to run some 200 bushel corn with it. The stalks were green at the bottom and it took them down and processed them great. Running this head has gained us capacity with our combine. We are running .5-.75 mph faster, running about 700 bushel more per hour and leaving the field with a professional look when done. We could not maximize combine capacity with our other head as we would “out drive” its capacity to take down stalks.


Jeff M. of Clatonia, NE

With the chopping and the design of how it spreads the residue, the Capello has really improved our planning process. It eliminates husk and stalk for us and because we don’t have to break it down some other ways, it’s improved our bottom line. The Capello helps us minimize the passes through the field and improves our stand, and it’s improving our overall bottom line.


Ross F. of Huntley, IL

Yeah, we would and we have recommended the Capello header. We haven’t had to do anything but grease them, check the oil in the gear boxes, clean them off at the end of the year and run them again next year.


Perry G. of Gregory, AR

I purchased two Capello 1238 corn heads late this summer and I have been very pleased with their performance. In addition to having less kernel loss, I like the way the head runs smoothly and quietly while in operation. I believe the stalk chopping mechanism will reduce my tillage requirements and increase my yields due to the faster stalk breakdown. I think the biggest surprise I found in operating the head is how much more efficient the head is when I have to go crossways on the corn rows to open up the field as I do not plant end rows in my irrigated circles. In the past, I would be able to only acquire about half of the regular yield when going across the rows, but with the Capello head, I am able to increase this amount to about seventy five percent which creates more profit at the end of the day. I would highly recommend the Capello corn head to my neighbors and in fact some of my neighbors, after observing the corn head in my operation, have already expressed an interest in purchasing one of these machines in the future.


Chris B. of Butte, NE

We’ve chopped anything from oats, dry cut oats, to 12 foot tall irrigated sorghum silage. That versatility in a head, as a custom operation, is— well, money can’t buy the kind of versatility that the Spartan gives you. I would recommend the Spartan - and I have recommended the Spartan - to anybody that runs the chopper in any sort of sorghum, cane silage, anything like that. Anything that’s tough that ever goes down to the ground, Spartan is the best thing that we have found.

We chopped a field this year and 85 percent of the field was down. Going into a field like that with a corn head or a rotary head means you plug up a lot. We were able to go in there with a Spartan, chop the whole field and not leave anything behind. It was clean, didn’t even look like it was knocked down… Customer was more than happy - I mean, it paid for itself there in my eyes.

We’ve been looking for something like this for over 15 years, but I wasn’t certain when we purchased it if it’d work as good as we hoped… and it blew me away. I would suggest it to anybody. It was the best thing that has happened to our company. It’s just really—it’s pretty awesome actually.