Normal Operation


Auger timing (flighting should be at six and midnight) at the center of the head by the hanger bearing.

Angle of the head.

Head sight calibration.

  • Calibrate on flat ground.
  • Recalibrate if angle of head is changed.

Header speed — Should run between 540 — 570 rpm measured off the hex shaft.


Properly adjust these items to maximize performance during harvest.

Deck plates — Adjust using an average stalk as reference. The spacing should be the same from front to back.

Ground Speed — Ground speed will vary pending conditions. Adjust properly (3-5 mph).


Proper lubrication will decrease downtime and efficiency.

Stalk Roller — 50 hours

Folding Hinges — 1000 hours

Fender Augers — 100 hours

PTO Shafts — 20 hours

Slip Clutches — 100 hours

Use regular corn head grease for all grease points and side covers.