Taking inspiration from the shape of the levers which guide the struts as they fold — somewhat like the shape of a horseshoe, our designers christened the frame "HS Series". A system of levers which minimizes the oil needed for inversion by the harvester, even with more than 8 rows. But how can light weight equal strength?

The DIAMANT combine frame is proof that this is possible. It is designed to make the structure light yet solid, perfectly sized to accommodate large flip-up headers. It can, of course, be used in conjunction with combine harvesters of any kind, and the working angle can be adjusted to meet individual requirements.

The design of the new DIAMANT is revolutionary and highly innovative in its class. Increasingly lightweight yet stronger than ever, with fine-tuned mechanics and revamped design, it offers unprecedented standards in terms of operation and production performance.

Thanks to the adjustment system for working position, the header attachment is always at the correct angle to the ground. The stalk crushers (optional) protect tires from stubble damage.


The new extra-robust polymer hoods mark another breakthrough in the story of CAPELLO headers. The sinuous design encourages smooth crop flow in any working conditions, making harvesting quick and easy, and exceeding all expectations. All hoods can be removed in a few easy steps without the need for spanners of other tools — just the hands — making the header quick and convenient to clean.

To safely tackle the most demanding laid crop harvesting conditions — where the header has to be held as close as possible to the ground — we have designed an anti-shock system, in other words an automatic divider release system: following a knock, the system immediately releases the point, thus protecting it and the entire hood from damage and preventing the hassle of breakages and costly and time-consuming replacements. The hood can be dismantled without special tools, making maintenance of the header convenient and easy.

The exclusive Anti Shock System allows the automatic release of the divider during an impact, protecting divider and body.


With DIAMANT, even on-road travel is a pleasure. One of the essential features of CAPELLO headers — which has always been a common denominator in their evolution — is their superior compactness on the road: a distinguishing trait that makes for even easier handling and improved visibility from the cab. Automatic leveling sensors (optional) are available for all kinds of compatible combines.


DIAMANT's beating heart is the row unit: a concentrate of technology that encapsulates decades of experience in the field all over the world. The dynamics of harvesting have been broken down and analyzed step by step and each element has been painstakingly designed down to the smallest detail. The sunflower harvesting kit (optional) can be installed within minutes.

The automatic drive system between the rows (optional) is available for all kinds of compatible combines. The cast aluminum casing is lighter but stronger, while lubrication is optimized and constant: state-of-the-art transmission technology. The special torque damper, created by CAPELLO, ensures protection of the drive shafts by limiting the torque, even in the most extreme conditions. In the new chain tensioner system, all bearings are protected with lifetime lubrication.


The DIAMANT comes out with advanced horizontal stalk chopper. Pioneers in the use of the horizontal stalk chopper, CAPELLO has mastered the technology even more thanks to its 30-years of experience. This is granting an over ground cut and an unprecedented fine cut, without leaving the traditional low-power absorption which is a peculiar feature of the CAPELLO stalk chopper. Furthermore, its new position — on the left as the harvester moves forward — eliminates the irritating problems of ventilation and radiator clogging caused by the vortex of dust gerenated by the rotors.

The DIAMANT is also available without stalk chopper, which can be mounted at a later stage with simple operations and without trained specialists.

As with all the CAPELLO headers, the stalk chopper can be taken off the DIAMANT when it's not necessary (in this case the rotator is blocked in the best position to avoid clogging while harvesting).


The new fast twin-blade stalk chopper is even more effecient: it can be dismounted with the consequent block of the rotor in the best position. The residual stalk is completely chopped.


Cutting precision is unbeatable thanks to the simultaneous synchronized movement of the deck plates, and the row is always positioned in the exact center.

Plant snapping through ear removal is guided perfectly perpendicular to the ground, minimizing crop loss, improving cleaning, and thus also boosting the harvester's potential yield, especially when dealing with laid maize crops; it is the operator who draws on his experience to regulate the harvesting process by calculating the best deck plate gap for optimum results.


The gearbox is made from an aluminum alloy which undergoes a special treatment to maximize its toughness and durability. Inside, the steel gears dictate with utter precision the timing and ratios which have always distinguished the strong personality of CAPELLO headers: clean, constant, and fast harvesting. The drive system has also been completely revamped: shafts have all been made larger, to ensure that headers are equipped to give ever-improving performance

Drive chains are totally isolated from the outside, constantly lubricated during operation and always precisely tensioned thanks to the rocker chain tensioner, whose contribution varies depending on requirements, supporting the chain correctly even when the movement is reversed. The gearbox transmitting motion to the intake auger, also in aluminum, incorporates a sealed oil-immersed floating torque limiter, which keeps the system constantly cleaned and lubricated.

The synchronized and simultaneous movement of the deck plates is yet another unprecedented and exclusive feature of the new DIAMANT header. In fact, both the plates move, and they do so at the same time and perfectly in sync.

Also, the lateral body is easly disassembled without tools.

The motion of the augur is produced by a cast aluminum box with a built-in oil-immersed torque limiter, to prevent potential problems of chain tension or clogging by leaves.