Redekop focuses on developing innovative harvest technologies that reduce labor and improve a farmer’s profitability. We work closely with equipment manufacturers to develop and provide technological support for residue management equipment. In our 35,000 square foot manufacturing plant outside of Saskatoon, we use state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to produce high-quality, dependable products for customers world-wide.

The Precision Technology Institute (PTI) by Precision Planting is the intersection of agronomy, technology, and equipment for farms all over the world. Located in Pontiac, IL, USA, the PTI farm has 125+ research plots used to provide agronomic data, test agronomy principles, and trial new technologies in the industry. During the summer for a hands-on experience of new technology, plot trials, and agronomy tips that you can apply to your own operation.

Headsight Inc. is a family-oriented company from Indiana whose mission is To provide the reapers of the world with leading harvesting solutions. The height control system from Headsight is available on every Capello corn header and provides unmatched reliability and header control. Providing "sight" to headers since the mid 1990's and many other amazing products since then, Headsight Inc. has helped make harvest easier and more profitable for many farms.

Since 1937, Beck’s has remained dedicated to helping farmers succeed. Our unique culture and one-of-a-kind business model have allowed us to grow from a small 80-acre farm to the third-largest seed brand in the U.S. With a servant’s heart, we strive to deliver legendary customer service and quality products. For seasons to come, we’re at your side, supporting you as you live out the life you were meant to live.

Reichhardt Electronic Innovations has a nearly 40-year history in Germany providing solutions to OEMs in agricultural and commercial manufacturing. The emphasis is specialized electronics controlling hydraulics and machine functions. The North American headquarters was established in 2006 and provides distribution, R&D, and product support with a primary focus on machine guidance solutions. Our main product offerings are GPS and sensor based solutions for self-propelled machines for accurate, repeatable performance with flexibility.

Headquartered in Haven, Kansas, Kincaid Equipment Manufacturing is a leading seed research equipment manufacturing company. For more than 55 years, our company has prided itself on excellent customer service with a well-qualified staff to give you superior support for all your sales and service needs.

Since its small beginning with running gears in the 1960’s, the E-Z Trail line of wagons has continued to grow into the most complete line of farm wagons anywhere. It now includes grain carts, gravity wagons, seed wagons, bale racks, bale baskets, bale feeders, combine head haulers, compact wagons, and of course, the world’s best trailing wagon gears which are now better than ever!

Established in 1994 on 30 acres in St. Johns Michigan, the North Central Research Station has grown to over 1,400 acres on seventeen farms. Specializing in field testing of a variety of agricultural products, the North Central Research Station offers an array of testing opportunities for agribusiness. Our research agronomists use precision equipment and methods to ensure accuracy of experiments established under a variety of test conditions.